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NoIDFirst/Corresponding AuthorTitle
16Ihza Rizkia FitriThe Characteristics and Optimal Implementation of Mating Disruption in Managing Pest Insect Population
27Muhlis Ardiansyah ArdiansyahNumerical Prediction of paddy weight of Crop Cutting Survey using Generalized Geoadditive Linear Mixed Model
38Puspa Kusuma Ayuning TyasAnalysis of Aggregate Production Planning Problem with Goal Programming Model
411Rizky ZulkarnainSpatial Autoregressive Stochastic Frontier Model with Application to Indonesia’s Aquaculture
513Al Hujjah AsianingrumMixed Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Analysis of Percentage of Poverty in Java Island
614Pratiwi Eka PuspitaA Practical Evaluation of Dynamic Time Warping in Financial Time Series Clustering
715Muhlis Ardiansyah ArdiansyahDevelopment of the Panel ARDL by Adding Space-Time effect to Modeling Monthly Paddy Producer Price in Java
817Chairani Uli AlbiComparison of K-Medoids and Self Organizing Maps Algorithm in Grouping Hydrometeorological Natural Disasters in Java Island
918Sutawanir DarwisExploring Return Period for Bearing Prognosis
1022NurmawiyaDeriving the Community Readiness Index in Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia
1123Nurhani AryanaA Comparison of Statistical Approaches to Determine the Consensus Values in Proficiency Testing (PT) with A Small Number of Participants
1226Anisa Fatta QuniaThe Impact of the Relapse Rate on the Deterministic Epidemiological Models with Pseudo-recovery
1327Rizky ZulkarnainRobust Stochastic Frontier Using Cauchy Distribution for Noise Component to Measure Efficiency of Rice Farming in East Java
1430Siti SholikahImpact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Inbound Chinese Tourists in Indonesia
1531Chaterina D. PuspitaApplication of Logistic Regression to Determine The Quality of Foreign Tourists to Indonesia
1632Marieta MonicaForecasting Cash Outflow and Inflow in Malang With ARIMAX Calendar Variation Effect
1740Nusar HajarismanTesting for Invariance Measurement to Compare Means of Latent Variables across Group with Stepwise Analysis
1843Etis SunandiA Bayesian Logit-Normal Model in Small Area Estimation
1944Etis SunandiDynamic Spatial Durbin Modeling 
2046Tri ListianingrumSmartphone Hedonic Price Study based on Online Retail Price in Indonesia
2148Octika PutriTrucks Cycle Optimization in Open Pit Coal Mining Using Operation Research Method of Simulation and Queuing Theory
2252Septian RahardiantoroClustering Regions Based on Socio-Economic Factors Which Affected the Number of COVID-19 Cases in Java Island
2353Khusnul KhotimahA Simulation Study of Multi-Stage Method And Least Median Squares in Handling Outliers Problem
2455Alona DwinataA Bayesian Approach in Generalized Linear Model Using Non-local Prior (Case Study: Poverty Status in East Java)
2657Miftahul JannahStudy of Forecasting Method Using Hybrid ANN-GARCH Approach
2758Wirdatul JannahAnalysis of Credit Bank Distribution with Seemingly Unrelated Regression Method on Panel Data 
2859Imas Saumi AmaliaMinimizing The Handling Time in VRP with Pickup and Delivery and  Time Windows
2960Fadhillah Meizi Ramadhan FadhillahAutomated Road Damage Detection and Maintenance System at Open Pit Coal Mining Environment
3061Arum Handini PrimandariSupporting of Garbage Management in Indonesia Using Self Organizing Map for Clustering Analysis
3163Taly PurwaAn Alternative Procedure to Produce a P-Spline Small Area Estimation Model Based on Partial Residual Plot and Significance Test of Spline Term
3265Sri SulastriK-Prototypes Algorithm for Clustering Schools Based on The Student Admission Data in IPB University
3468Ilham Faishal MahdyDisease Mapping of Leprosy in Maluku Province, 2019 Using Hierarchical Bayes
3569Nadya Dwi MuchishaNowcasting Indonesia’s GDP Growth Using Machine Learning Algorithms
3671Agnes Maludfi PutriStudy of X-13 ARIMA SEATS Modeling for Rice Price Index Data in Indonesia
3772Ruslan RuslanElectricity Consumption Modeling in Kendari Using The Backpropagation Method on The Artificial Neural Network
3873Hartinah DjalihuMixed Geographically and Temporally Weighted Autoregressive to Modeling the Levels of Poverty Population in Java in 2012-2018 
3974Budi SetiawanProbabilistic Population Projections for Provincial Levels in Indonesia
4075Yosherina Dhea Gita AssalamaAnalysis of Regression Data Panel for Determining The Effect of  E-commerce on Indonesia’s Economic Growth
4177Deni IrvaniSwing Voters’ Vote Choice Prediction Using Multilevel Logit Model to Improve Election Survey Accuracy
4278Embay RohaetiGeneralized Linear Model Approach for Data Count Time Series on Number of Foreign Tourists Modeling in West Java 
4379Dhiar Niken LarasatiOnline Marketplace Data to Figure COVID-19 Impact on Micro and Small Retailers in Indonesia
4481Suryo Adi RakhmawanProposing New Indicators for the Indonesia Youth Development Index with Smaller Analysis
4582Muhlasah Novitasari MaraAdjustment Pattern of pH Using Random Forest Regressor for Corp Modelling of  NFT Hydroponic Lettuce  
4683Suryo Adi RakhmawanCapturing Unstructured Data: Face Mask Detection in The Era of Covid-19 Pandemic
4784Restu ArisantiThe The Application of Firth Bias Correction in Variance Components Estimation of Clustered Random Intercept Binary Model
4886Miftakhul JannahAnalysis of Indonesian Creative Industry Production 
4987Fia Fridayanti AdamModeling The Amount of Insurance Claim using Gamma Linear Mixed Model with AR(1) random effect
5089Asep RusyanaComparison of GLM, GLMM and HGLM in Identifying Factors that Influence the District / City Poverty Level in Aceh Province
5190Hazizah Mohd IjamDiagonally Implicit Scheme of Block Backward Differentiation Formula for Stiff Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
5291Alan PrahutamaNon-Poisson distribution for modelling queue system in Bus Rapid Transit of Gate V Semarang
5392Ridha Nur IzahClassification of Paddy Growth Phase Based on Landsat-8 Image With Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm
5493Chindy Alvionita SariThe Electricity Load Forecasting in East Kalimantan on Religious Holidays Using SARIMA
5594M. Dika SaputraHandling Missing Value and Unusual Observation in Statistical Downscaling with Kalman Filter
5695debrina fereagiaGeneralized Structured Component Analysis To Analyze Measurement Models:  Utilization of Health Insurance
5796Zulfia Memi MayasariVertical Evacuation Planning to Reduce a Risk of a Tsunami Disaster in Teluk Segara District, Bengkulu City
5897MiftahurrahmahImplementation of Path Analysis to Determine The Chili Prices and Inflation Rate Factors in Balikpapan
5998Suci SukmawatiSpatial Clustered Regression Analysis of 2017 Getis Score Indonesian Malaria Prevalence Data 
6099TESSY OCTAVIA MUKHTIGeneralized Additive Poisson Models for Quantifying Geological Factors Effect on The Earthquake Risk Mapping 
61101silmi hanifahComparison of Feature Selection Methods with Filter Techniques on Bernoulli Naive Bayes Algorithms Using Twitter Data
62102Suci AstutikAlgorithm of HMM’s Parameter Estimation for Spatial Data Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
63103Ibnu AthoillahHybrid Modeling of Singular Spectrum Analysis and Support Vector Regression for Rainfall Prediction
64104siti rusdianaTime Time Series Analysis to Forcasting Unemployment Rate in Aceh Province
65105Ade Vreyyuning MonikaChurn Analysis in Telecommunication Industry Customers Using Semiparametric and Non Parametric Survival Method
66106Nanda Rizqia Pradana RatnasariIdentifying efficacy of therapies of depression in adolescent using a systematic review and meta-analysis computation:  SSRI versus SSRI+CBT
67107Latifah RahayuState State Mapping of the Public Health Development Index in Aceh Province using K-Medoids method
68108Nurul Ain FarhanaClassification modeling of Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Random Forest in Predicting Phrmacodynamics Interactions
69109Primadina HasanahDesigning Rainfall Index Insurance For Rubber Plantation in Balikpapan
70111Evi RamadhaniImplementation of the Principal Component K-Means Soft Constraint in the Clustering of Districts/cities in Aceh Province in 2019
71112tri wijayanti septiariniA Comparative Study of Forecasting COVID-19 in ASEAN Country
72113Agustin YelvaThe Factors That Influence Cases of Pneumonia in Children Under Five  Using Spatial Regression Analysis
73114Hartayuni SainDrought Forecasting In Indonesia Using Wavelet Fuzzy Logic and Support Vector Machine
74115Pismia SylviOptimization of Paracetamol Tablet’s Quality Characteristics Using the Second-Order Multiresponse Surface Methodology
75116Bella BelindaPrediction of the Number of Prisoners in Nganjuk With Second-Order Integer-Valued Autoregressive (INAR(2))
76117Yesica ChristyThe Analysis of Residential Property Price Index (IHPR) Using Multi Input Transfer Function 
77118bima anoragaBayesian RJMCMC Inference for Zero Inflated Gamma Hidden Markov Models (ZIG-HMM)
78119Rahmatin AmaliaA Study of ZIP and ZINB Regression Modeling for Count Data with Excess Zeros
79120EfendiThe  Projection of West Sumatera Population Based on SDE
80123Usman WaziriDifferential Game of Pursuit Time with Geometric Constraints in Hilbert Space l2
82125NORSHAKILA ABD RASIDImplementation of Diagonally Block Backward Differentiation Formula with Off-step points for Chemoimmunotherapy of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
83127Mohd Khaidir Mohamed SallehSpatial Interpolation for Missing Rainfall Data in Northern Region Peninsular Malaysia
84128Syalam SimatupangComparison of  Short-Term Load Forecasting Methods Based on Kalimantan Data
85129Syalam SimatupangAnomalous Electricity Load Events: An Evaluation Based on Mahakam Data
86130Revata MaggandariAnalysis of Multiple Correspondence Against Crimes in Sleman Regency
87131Salsabila BasalamahResponse Surface Model with Comparison of OLS Estimation and MM Estimation
88132Triyani HendrawatiCluster Model for Time Series Data use ARIMA Approach
89133Arie Wahyu WijayantoSocial Mobility Patterns and Its Correlation with the COVID-19 Transmission in Jakarta, Indonesia
90135Auwalu Hamisu UsmanActivity of viscoelastic nanoliquid film sprayed on a stretching cylinder with bioconvection and Arrhenius activation energy 
91136HASNA AFIFAH RUSYDAEstimation of Dynamic Value at Risk by Using Gjr-Garch Copula Based on Block Maxima
92137BABANGIDA BABURAConstruction and Applications of Stairboxplot for Exploratory Data Analysis
93138Jamiu Olasunkanmi MuiliOn the Efficiency of Calibration Combined Ratio Estimators of Finite Population Mean in Stratified Random Sampling
94139Zarina Bibi Ibrahim1-Point Block Backward Differentiation Formula with off-step point For Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations
95140Iqbal HanifEnsemble Learning Model to Predict Television Program Rating
96141Ferra YanuarApplication of Bayesian Nonlinear SEM to Construct The Health Behavior Model During Pandemic COVID-19 in West Sumatera
97142Husna Afanyn KhoirunissaEarly Detection of South Korean Financial Crisis using MS-GARCH Based on Term of Trade Indicator
98143Evita PurnaningrumSVM Approach for Forecasting International Tourism Arrival In East Java
99144Nabila Churin ApriliaPhilippines Financial Crisis Detection using Combined Volatility and Markov Switching Models based on Export Indicators
100145Dwi JayantiMultivariate Generalized Autoregressive Score Model (Case Study: Vegetable Oils and Crude Oil Price Data)
101146Weksi BudiajiThe Application of Medoid-Based Cluster Validation in Desirable Dietary Pattern Data
102147Muhammad AhsanComparing the Performance of Kernel PCA Mix Chart with PCA Mix Chart for Monitoring Mixed Quality Characteristics
103149Kiswara SantosoAplication Hybrid Cat-Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm :
104150Nisfi Hemas Diga AsmaraMonitoring Quality of Water Production Process Using Mixed Multivariate Control Charts
105151Rivi Monica PratiwiQuality Control of Labelstock Using Fuzzy Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (FEWMA) Control Chart
106152Putri Maulidina FadilahPrediction of Extreme Rainfall Using Bayesian Binary Quantile Regression
107153Hendri PrabowoForecasting Currency in East Java: Classical Time Series vs. Machine Learning
108154Novi Ajeng SalehahForecasting Inflow and Outflow in West Java Using GSTARX Methods
109155Hendri PrabowoForecasting Inflow and Outflow of Currency in Central Java using ARIMAX, RBFN and Hybrid ARIMAX-RBFN
110156Putriaji HendikawatiHybrid ARIMAX-ANFIS based on LM Test for Prediction of Time Series with Holiday Effect 
111157Mohamad Amirur Rafiqi ZainoddinEffect of Residential Area on the Physical Activity of 7 Years Old Child in Malaysia
112158Nenden BudiartiThe Effect of Retirement of Individuals Aged 50 Years and Over on Life Satisfaction in Indonesia
113160Dedi RosadiPrediction of forest fire using extreme learning machine approach
114161Wahyu WibowoDisaster Impact on Consumer Price Index and Inflation: Case Study in West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia
115163Kartika FithriasariMulti-Label Classification on Online News using the Problem Transformation Methods
116164Intan Meily PuspitasariRole of Motor Performances Toward Coordination Among Girls Aged 7-Years-Old in Malaysia Using Machine Learning
117165Nur Faizatul Amira JibrilComparison of Body Mass Index Class Against Motor Skills Developments Toward 7-Year-Old Boys in Malaysia.
118167Nur Amirah NawiThe   Essential of Motor Skills Among 7-Years-Old Terengganu’s Students Against Gender and BMI Using Machine Learning
120169Hui Shein WongStock Market Anomaly Detection: Case Study of China’s Securities Market Insider Trading
121170Saufianim Jana AksahExtended Singly Diagonally Implicit Block Backward Differentiation Formulas with A(α)-Stability for Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations 
122171Rabiu Muazu MusaEmotional Intelligence and Academic Performance: A Randomized and Gender Based Multivariate Analysis of Undergraduate Students
123172Arwini ArisandiContinuum Regression Modeling with LASSO to Estimate Rainfall
124173Mohd Syaiful Nizam Abu HassanYouth Perspective Towards LGBT’s Behaviour Based on Gender: Implications on Social Work
125174Muhammad Arif TiroLiteracy Description of Probability for the Senior Secondary School Students  in Makassar City
126176Tigor Nirman SimanjuntakSentiment Analysis on Overseas Tweets on the Impact of COVID-19 in Indonesia 
127177Sohel RanaRobust Normality Test in the Presence of Outliers
129180Dede Yoga ParamarthaDevelopment of Automated Environmental Data Collection System and Environment Statistics Dashboard
130181Resa Septiani PontohNew Normal Policy on the Rupiah Exchange Rate
131182Maulana farisPreparing a Big Data Utilization Communication Strategy
132183Anindya Apriliyanti PravitasariIntegrating 2D-Segmentation with U-Net Architecture in constructing the 3D-MRI Brain Tumor Visualization
133184Yulial HikmahAnalyze the Level of Understanding of the East Jakarta Residents to the Flood-Impacted Insurance Products
134185Yulial HikmahModeling of Economic and Social Factors of East Jakarta Society to the Purchasing of Flood-Impacted Insurance Products
135186Yulial HikmahModeling of Vehicle Insurance Products Due to Flooding by Zone of Flood Potential Areas in East Jakarta 
138190Septia Devi Prihastuti YasmirullahModification of Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline (MARS)
139191Narita YuriMixture Model of Spline Truncated, Kernel, and Fourier Series Nonparametric Regression
140193Aan KardianaUsing Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression to Explore Spatial and Temporal Varying Relationships of Monthly Rainfall and Precipitation
141197Nur AfandiAn Evacuation Route In Bengkulu City Based On Fuzzy Dijkstra Algorithm
142198Sri WinarniCombining of Grey Relational Analysis and Principal Component Analysis for Optimization Multi Responses Taguchi Design 
144200Dedi RosadiLong Short-Term Memory Neural Network Model for Time Series Forecasting: Case Study of Forecasting IHSG during Covid-19 Outbreak
145203Herlin FransiskaTime Series Clustering of Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia
146204Arezoo BagheriGeneralized Structural Equations Approach in  the Study of Elderly Self-rated health
147205Satria Bagus PanuntunDevelopment of Automated Flight Data Collection System for Air Transportation Statistics
148206Aswi AswiEffects of climatic factors on dengue incidence: A comparison of Bayesian spatio-temporal models
149207Fitria VirgantariComparison of Average Linkage and K-Means Methods in Clustering Indonesia’s Provinces Based on Welfare Indicators
150211Alfiyyah Hasanah Lecturer Teaching Scheduling that Minimize The Difference of Total Teaching Load Using Goal Programming

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